We support companies to design their strategic vision, products and offers.

The pace of markets evolution keeps to speed up especially with new technologies. New players change market rules. Competitors evolve quicker. Customers often change their behaviors. Thus, the companies face multiple challenges: fast-moving strategy, market analysis, new organization, understanding new disruptive innovation like Internet of Object…

Strategy & Innovation


Using up-to-date and agile methodologies, Colombus Consulting Blue can help your organization in building a sharp vision of your business of tomorrow. Our 360° skills (business, technologies and organization) can give you a unique expertise. We work with your teams and external players (if needed) to design adapted answers to the market: positioning, innovation, new product portfolio, technological architecture… Once the vision is defined, we can help you to make it true : actions plans, product management



  • Assist a Telco operator to design new strategic plans (Mobile and Fix markets).
  • Support a leader in Robot Industry in the definition of strategy of Value-Added Services and its implementation
  • Market study of tourist mobile behaviors to help a ministry of tourism in designing new services.